Buy Promotional Insurance For Your Sporting Marketing Campaign

Brands know that “sport + product = sales”. With huge sporting events such as FIFA World Cup and the Olympics brands, marketing agencies know only too well that their marketing promotions will draw huge customer participation. But a lot of brands typically go to market not knowing the potential over redemption that can occur and the excessive costs that can be generated.By their very nature sporting events can be very unpredictable. For example a poor performing national team may not cost millions because a promotion did not over redeem but it may have cost the brand a small fortune because they bought the wrong promotional insurance. This is where promotional risk management companies can be particularly effective in helping brands with the risk assessment of their promotions.Promotional risk management companies approach sports based promotions using a two part analysis system. Firstly, the companies know that the number of customers who take part in the promotion form the redemption risk, and secondly, the actual outcome of the event forms the specific risk. For example in team sports this could be the number of goals scored or in individual sporting events the number of medals won. Many promotional risk management companies use historical databases of past promotions to help brands buy the right kind of promotional insurance.Sports risk based insurance premiums are typically calculated on a real-time basis. Huge fluctuations in cost can be attributed to a current sporting team’s performance or that of their opponents. If you were to take a national team for example and examine their predicted performance in a sporting event you might look at the following:1. That the team in question played well in the lead up to the sporting event and thus were currently playing in good form
2. The number of medals or wins that the team in question were likely to score throughout the entire sporting eventThe closer you get to a sporting event the more expensive your promotional insurance becomes. Insurance companies who offer promotional insurance typically put aside a ring-fenced pot of money. Say for example that pot was ten million dollars to cover one sporting event. As more and more brands buy insurance from that one company, so there is less of it to go round, and so premiums rise. It is not uncommon to see insurance premiums double as the start of the sporting event draws ever closer.Brands and marketing agencies need to employ the services of a good promotional risk management company as soon as they possibly can. This will ensure a well-run promotion and potentially save the brand a fortune.

7 Las Vegas Style Entertainment Options for Your Corporate Event

Las Vegas has some pretty amazing entertainment options that are NOT located in the City of Lights and Sin. One big opportunity I gathered from this adventure was getting to know a lady by the name of Angie Rozar who shared some of the more exciting and thrilling facts about Vegas entertainment options. You might call her an expert at the less sinful aspects of the city, since she makes her dollars and donuts outside the entertainment industry in security. But she still knows her stuff!Option #1 – Strolling MusiciansNothing says ambiance like a trio of violinists moving from table to table during a formal dinner at your Corporate Event. Office romance, anyone? I’m betting they could inspire a kiss or two, but that isn’t the purpose of the evening, so let’s keep it professional. Enjoy the ambiance and appreciate the music. (Tips are acceptable.)Option #2 – Elvis is In The RoomOf course, we’re going right straight to the Elvis Impersonator, because… Well, Elvis? Who else can pass from the planet and yet remain the most popular man in the room, more than forty years later? Or, if you must, I’m sure they can scare up some Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe, or some other flashy impersonator to entertain your corporate squad.Option #3 – Ballroom BandBig Band Era is not dead and gone in Vegas. They’re alive and well there, and at your corporate event as well. We love Big Band Music because there’s brass, there’s crooning, maybe a bit of swooning, and some gallant moves from the gentlemen in the room, as they swirl their lady around the room.Option #4 – Cover Band ClassicHere’s one of the more adventurous options, find a great cover band who present powerful hit selections from any particular era and invite them to entertain for the evening.Option #5 – Dance BandYou can’t miss the incredible Dance Bands located in Las Vegas. They can’t be beaten, unless we’re talking Radio City, but come on, show girls dancing across the stage in city of lights style.Your team will be impressed! And when you have a show stopping band that can sing too – your Corporate Team will be so excited, they’ll be READY for the next team training opportunity.Option #6 – Novelty BandsYou know how you can just tell, that guy’s been singing a while, and he’s really good? Novelty bands remind you of those guys, the ones who get on stage, sit on a bar stool, play their guitar, captivate an audience, and you can just turn the lights down low and absorb the sound. Amazing sounds come from their guitars, or pianos, and you feel like you fell in love all over again, when the night is done. They’re amazing.Option #7 – Keynote SpeakersIt doesn’t all have to be about music… Motivational keynote speakers that rev up your players and bring your team members home with the extra drive to accomplish goals set at the event is a major option for entertainment.Whatever flavor your entertainment, if you want top-quality, high-end feature players, think Las Vegas Style Entertainment, when you select the feature presentation for your Corporate Team Training Event.

Small Business Loan Application – Beginners Guide

Businesses seeking supplemental start-up capital, working capital, or expansion capital may apply for a business loan from their local bank, credit union, and/or through the Small Business Administration. Most loans that are extended to small businesses seeking such capital through the Small Business Association are granted by approved “micro lenders” are commonly known as “micro loans”, maximizing at $35,000 and averaging $13,000.To apply for a small business loan, a business must present many items to the lender for due diligence review before approval. These qualifying documents (referred to as a small business loan proposal) are necessary for a lender to make an informed decision in regard to the applying business in the context of current market forces and future market share projections.A small business loan proposal usually includes but is not limited to:Business profile-a succinct but complete history of the business, including product or service sold, operations plan, and marketing strategy
Management experience-current owner(s) and management team resumes
Personal financial statements-financial statements of the last 90 days from each principal owner with 20 percent or more ownership and most recent federal income tax return(s)
Repayment plan-a schedule explaining how the loan will be repaid, including repayment period, budget, and cash flow
Pro forma balance sheet-a statement that details equity, assets, and debts owning
Projected annual cash flow-a statement of expected earnings, profits, and expenses presented in a profit and loss format along with explanation for each
Loan collateral-an itemization of all business assets
Supplemental documents-these include lease, property title or mortgage statement, license(s), certification(s), franchise or partnership agreement, et ceteraCompanies seeking a small business loan must also determine the amount they will need for supplemental capital, working capital, and/or expansion capital. Loan applicants will typically be required by the lender to place valued collateral before securing the loan; this could be as little as 10 percent or up to 20 to 25 percent.Small businesses seeking loans may also use outstanding account receivables as collateral or as a type of secured credit line from a lending institution.

Business Loans: Excellent Opportunity to Expand Your Business

Are you interested to borrow suitable monetary backing? Want to expand your business in a great way? Wish to execute planned business projects as soon as possible? You can now easily arrange capital for your important business projects by simply opting for business loans. These loans prove to be an ideal financial solution for business owners that help them to raise good amount of funds for meeting business related expenses in an efficient way.New Business Loans can be derived in both secured and unsecured ways. The secured business loans will be provided if you put any of your valuable assets as a security to the lender against the loan. The more will be the value of security pledged the more will be the loan amount. These loans let you avail huge finance for longer repayment duration. Due to the presence of security, these loans may come up with a bit higher rates of interest.On the other hand, unsecured business loans are not bound with any security deposit. This means you need not have to pledge any security to the lender against the loan. This can be a good option for tenants and non-homeowners. Those homeowners who don’t want to put their precious asset at risk can consider these loans for fulfilling their business dreams. These loans help you to entail suitable finance till the flexible time period. There is comparatively higher interest rate charged against these loans, due to the absence of security deposit.Thanks to the extremely popular and proficient online mode you can now easily apply for these loans in a hassle free manner. Online several eminent lenders are associated with different loan quotes. Compare their offered loan quotations in a very careful manner for obtaining best loan deal at an inexpensive rate.The amount accessed with New Business Loans help you to satisfy any of your business related requirements such as purchasing raw material, arranging an important business tour, buying a land for office, payment of employees salary, buy machinery and other equipments and so on.Therefore, you can now smartly fulfill their vital business projects in an efficient manner with business loans.Business loans could be a remarkable financial option for the business class people that help them to arrange good amount of finance for expanding their business in a great way. With borrowed amount they can wonderfully fulfill their business related expenses in an effective way.